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The Rules
  1. Anyone can post an event!        Just make it nice and related to Tuscaloosa.
  2. Once you create an event, we'll get an e-mail from the website, review your post, and make it available to the public. This is not an instant process, and may indeed take 24 hours or more. We have regular 8-5 jobs and a family so many events get approved at night.
  3. CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE FORM OF A PHONE NUMBER, e-MAIL, OR WEB ADDRESS IS REQUIRED IN THE "EVENT DESCRIPTION" BOX BEFORE WE WILL POST AN EVENT PUBLICLY. We just don't have the resources to track this stuff down or respond to public inquiries. You do want people to be able to track down your event so they'll be more likely to attend, right?
  4. The reason we do this is because we reserve the right to reject unsuitable or inappropriate postings, at our sole discretion. This website is run by a family here in Tuscaloosa, so events focused on debauchery, acts of violence, dwarf tossing, animal cruelty, racism, class warfare, drunkenness, and general bad behavior will not be accepted, nor will illegal events. Adult oriented events such as gallery, museum, theatre or community events are fine and encouraged.
  5. We reserve the right to edit content (usually just for clarity), but we cannot edit your material prior to posting. (In other words, we won't rewrite your press releases to our format)
We believe this can be an extremely important resource for individuals in Tuscaloosa to locate events and for institutions and community groups to publicize them, but we can't do it without your help.

More Rules
  • All posts are human verified for content.
  • Accuracy is not taken into account only content.
  • Posts with spam in them will be deleted and not approved.
  • Inappropriate events will be removed.
  • This calendar is for events relating to Tuscaloosa, AL ONLY.
  • Insults, threats and just plain rudeness won't be tolerated.
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