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Tuscaloosa Business News - 2009-12

We have news items here related to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Around Town: December 31 -

December 31st, 2009
Manhunt ends for burglary suspect -

TUSCALOOSA | Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Monday night after he eluded capture during a two-hour manhunt earlier that day. 5164
December 31st, 2009
UA books program benefits 6 Black Belt school libraries - By Jamon Smith Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA | Libraries at six Black Belt schools will be enriched after a donation of more than $8,000 worth of new books. The University of Alabama’s School of Library and Information Studies gave the books to the elementary and high schools’ libraries through its annual Book Bonanza for the Black Belt program. 5163
December 31st, 2009
Retiree displays artifacts of the Berlin Wall’s fall - By Tommy Stevenson Associate Editor

TUSCALOOSA | With the fight over health-care legislation dominating the news last month, the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall did not get much attention. 5162
December 31st, 2009
Arctic air chills region - By Robert DeWitt Senior Writer

TUSCALOOSA | The Tuscaloosa area might see a little snow early Friday as a series of cold fronts passes through West Alabama. But the National Weather Service does not expect any accumulation, and is adjusting upward earlier predictions of temperatures dropping into the teens by early next week. 5161
December 31st, 2009
Service marks beginning of slavery’s end in U.S. - By Jamon Smith Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA | Some churches in Tuscaloosa will observe Watch Night tonight, joining a nationwide celebration of freedom officially granted to thousands of blacks on New Year’s Day 147 years ago. 5160
December 31st, 2009
UA grows by a third with acquisition - By Adam Jones Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA | Under a deal announced Wednesday, the University of Alabama will grow by roughly a third after taking over most of the Bryce Hospital campus. 5159
December 31st, 2009
City won’t withdraw Bryce suit immediately - By Adam Jones Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA | The Wednesday announcement that Bryce Hospital would remain in Tuscaloosa is what local elected leaders wanted, but a lawsuit the city filed to keep Bryce here won’t be withdrawn right away. 5158
December 31st, 2009
Bryce deal reached - By Dana Beyerle and Adam Jones Staff Writers

Bryce Hospital will remain in Tuscaloosa, moving into a new facility across McFarland Boulevard, and the University of Alabama will take over the current Bryce campus, Gov. Bob Riley said Wednesday. 5157
December 31st, 2009
Announcement on future of Bryce Hospital set for today - By Adam Jones, Staff Writer

A news conference is set this afternoon on the steps of Bryce Hospital to announce the future of the hospital, according to a news release by state Sen. Phil Poole, D-Tuscaloosa. 5156
December 30th, 2009
AROUND TOWN: December 30 -

WEDNESDAY COMMUNITY New Year's Rockin' Noon: 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Children's Hands-On Museum in downtown Tuscaloosa. For all ages with caregiver. Admission charged. Call 205-349-4235. 5155
December 30th, 2009
Two in Alabama charged with killing 18-year-old -

CLANTON | Two Chilton County men have been charged with murder after authorities discovered the body of an 18-year-old shot and burning in a field. 5154
December 30th, 2009
2 men killed in one-vehicle crash in Elmore County -

WETUMPKA | Two men have been killed and a woman seriously injured in a one-vehicle accident on a rural road in Elmore County. State troopers say the driver of the vehicle, George Edward Shane Norton, 21, of Deatsville, and a passenger, Andrew Tyler Knight, 19, died in the accident at about 1 a.m. Tuesday on Ceasarville Road. 5153
December 30th, 2009
Union Springs mayor says he's innocent in DUI case -

UNION SPRINGS | Union Springs Mayor John McGowan has denied that he did anything wrong when he was arrested over the weekend on charges of driving under the influence. 5152
December 30th, 2009
Motorcycle driver, 66, seriously hurt in wreck -

TUSCALOOSA | A 66-year-old motorcyclist was severely injured Tuesday after a wreck on Veterans Memorial Parkway and Kicker Road. 5151
December 30th, 2009
SCLC official says group unfairly got rid of 2 leaders - By Dionne Walker The Associated Press

Members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference are asking an Atlanta court to determine whether officials who sanctioned the recent removal of two group leaders violated the civil rights group's constitution. 5150
December 30th, 2009
AG agrees to investigate Senate deals - By Dana Beyerle Montgomery Bureau Chief

Attorney General Troy King said Tuesday that he'll investigate deals made in the U.S. Senate to gain votes for national health-care legislation. 5149
December 30th, 2009
Artist appeals judge's ruling - By Adam Jones Staff Writer

Despite the initial reaction that sports artist Daniel Moore essentially won a lawsuit brought against him by the University of Alabama, the painter, not UA, will appeal the judge's decision. 5148
December 30th, 2009
Race still a factor in governor's election - By Phillip Rawls The Associated Press

The man vying to become Alabama's first black governor is battling some unlikely critics — black Democratic leaders who were on the front lines of the civil rights movement. 5147
December 30th, 2009
Kwanzaa ceremony honors ancestors - By Wayne Grayson Staff Writer

John England spoke of captured African people who would commit suicide by jumping into shark-infested waters rather than board a slave trade ship where many of those left on board died before reaching American soil. 5146
December 30th, 2009
Drug-resistant HIV emerges in South Africa - By Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza The Associated Press

It’s 8 a.m. and Dr. Theresa Rossouw is already drowning behind a cluttered desk of handwritten HIV charts — new, perplexing cases of patients whose lifesaving drugs have turned against them. 5145
December 30th, 2009
Bryce to be part of smoking ban - By Lydia Seabol Avant Staff Writer

Smoking at all inpatient psychiatric facilities will be banned beginning Monday by the Alabama Department of Mental Health. 5144
December 30th, 2009
Lawmakers eye bingo in budget crisis - By Dana Beyerle Montgomery Bureau Chief

The state budgets are in such dismal shape that a move to legalize electronic bingo could gain traction in the 2010 session of the Legislature, a leading lawmaker said Tuesday. 5143
December 30th, 2009
PACT to no longer pay full cost - By Phillip Rawls The Associated Press

The board of Alabama’s financially troubled prepaid college tuition program approved a survival plan Tuesday that would end the tradition of paying all tuition costs at public universities in the state. 5142
December 30th, 2009
Study reveals link between mental illness and smoking - By Lydia Seabol Avant Staff Writer

People with mental illnesses are two to three times higher than the general population to be dependent on nicotine, research has shown. 5141
December 29th, 2009
Northport council to interview HR candidates -

The Northport City Council will meet tonight in a work session to interview four selected candidates for the position of Human Resources Director. 5140
December 29th, 2009
Sheriff: Shelby Co. baby had extensive injuries -

BIRMINGHAM | Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry said a 15-month-old girl had extensive injuries when she died at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Investigators are confident that James Wesley Howard, 22, caused the girl's Sunday death, Curry said at a news conference Monday. 5139
December 29th, 2009
Former Gulf Shores bookkeeper pleads guilty -

MOBILE | A former Gulf Shores insurance company bookkeeper accused of bilking homeowners out of at least $120,000 pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misappropriation of insurance premiums. 5138
December 29th, 2009
Mobile sheriff asks state to take over drug case -

MOBILE | Mobile County sheriff Sam Cochran asked state officials to take over his investigation into apparent marijuana found in a county vehicle. Cochran said in a Monday news release that he asked Colonel Chris Murphy of the Alabama Department of Public Safety to take over to prevent any perception of political bias. 5137
December 29th, 2009
Driver in crash to face murder charge - By Lydia Seabol Avant Staff Writer

A murder charge is pending against the 24-year-old man involved in a fatal head-on collision last week on Rice Mine Road in Northport, according to police. 5136
December 29th, 2009
Marengo awaits New Era decision - By Dana Beyerle Montgomery Bureau Chief

Marengo County officials met Monday to talk strategy in their campaign to keep a cap manufacturing plant and its 355 employees in Demopolis and possibly attract another cap plant from New York. 5135
December 29th, 2009
Sheriff's Office practices for ‘active shooter' scenario - By Jamon Smith Staff Writer

The muddled chatter coming from the small radio strapped to a Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office deputy's hip ceased for a moment as a message — clear and precise — replaced it. 5134
December 29th, 2009
Man finds creative way to bring food to the hungry - By Robert DeWitt Senior Writer

From Highway 69, it looks like a large shooting house for somebody's hunting club. But the little wooden building attached to the trailer won't be sitting on a hunter's food plot. 5133
December 29th, 2009
Fewer in law enforcement die on job in 2009 - By Larry Margasak The Associated Press

Law enforcement deaths this year dropped to their lowest level since 1959, while the decade of the 2000s was among the safest for officers — despite the deadliest single day for police on Sept. 11, 2001. 5132
December 29th, 2009
Pressure is rising to halt antibiotics in agriculture - By Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza The Associated Press

The mystery started the day farmer Russ Kremer got between a jealous boar and a sow in heat. 5131
December 29th, 2009
Mental Health board to discuss Bryce - By Dana Beyerle Montgomery Bureau Chief

The Department of Mental Health Advisory Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss Bryce Hospital, but details of the meeting are not known. “It’s about continued discussions of Bryce Hospital,” Jeff Emerson, the communications director for Gov. Bob Riley, said Monday. 5130
December 29th, 2009
Flight restrictions confound many - By Michael Tarm The Associated Press

You are now free to move about the cabin. Or not. 5129
December 29th, 2009
Group says Ala. getting greener -

A new report by the Green Resource Center for Alabama says the state has become a little more environment-conscious this year. 5128
December 28th, 2009
Obama orders reviews of US watchlist, air safety - EILEEN SULLIVAN,Associated Press Writers LOLITA C. BALDOR,Associated Press Writers

President Barack Obama said Monday he has ordered a review of the nation's watchlist system and of its air safety regulations following a Christmas Day attack on a U.S. airliner. 5127
December 28th, 2009
Tuscaloosa News earns award for online coverage - From staff reports

The Tuscaloosa News has been recognized by the Associated Press Sports Editors with a top-10 national award for its online sports coverage. 5126
December 28th, 2009
AROUND TOWN: December 29 -

MONDAY COMMUNITY Third annual Kwanzaa Day Celebration: 5-7 p.m. at Muhammad's Study Group, 2678 21st St. Call 205-826-8762 or 205-826-2088. TUESDAY COMMUNITY 5125
December 28th, 2009
50 years ago this week -

Sheriff Nathan Chism said 15 prisoners on the second floor of the Tuscaloosa County Jail failed in an attempt to break out through a window. “Chuck” Kirkham became the new president of the Merchants’ Bureau. 5124
December 28th, 2009
UNA class aids local businesses in marketing - By Michelle Rupe Eubanks (Florence) TimesDaily

Ultimately, Matthew Langston wants to work in marketing for a commodities organization. 5123
December 28th, 2009
Second school theft suspect arrested - Staff report

A man police said helped steal from Tuscaloosa County High School turned himself in Saturday. 5122
December 28th, 2009
Fewer homicides reported in 2009 - By Stephanie Taylor Staff Writer

With one week remaining in 2009, the number of homicides in Tuscaloosa County was down from recent years, nearly matching the 2005 total of 13. 5121
December 28th, 2009
Riding through it all - By Ashley Boyd Staff Writer

Ali Selman isn't like most 15-year-olds. 5120
December 28th, 2009
Drug-resistant form of malaria spreads quickly - By Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza The Associated Press

O'treng village doesn't look like the epicenter of anything. 5119
December 28th, 2009
Flight security under review after attack - By Pamela Hess and Calvin Woodward The Associated Press

Investigators piecing together a brazen attempt to bring down a trans-Atlantic airliner said Sunday the suspect tucked a small bag holding his deadly concoction on his body, using an explosive that would have been easily detected with the right airport equipment. 5118
December 28th, 2009
At least 5 killed in Iran protests - By Ali Akbar Dareini The Associated Press

Iranian security forces fired on stone-throwing protesters in the center of the capital Sunday in one of the bloodiest confrontations in months, opposition Web sites and witnesses said. At least five people were killed. 5117
December 28th, 2009
Been there, done that - By Brian Reynolds Staff Writer

When the University of Texas Longhorns won the 2005 national championship, downtown Austin was in a state of bedlam. 5116
December 28th, 2009
AP source: Florida's Meyer could return as coach - Mark Long, The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Less than 24 hours after he resigned, Florida coach Urban Meyer is instead taking an indefinite leave of absence that opens the door for his return to the Gators. 5115
December 27th, 2009
AROUND TOWN: December 27 -

SUNDAY Third annual Kwanzaa Day Celebration: 5-7 p.m. at Muhammad's Study Group, 2678 21st St. Call 205-826-8762 or 205-826-2088. MONDAY COMMUNITY Third annual Kwanzaa Day Celebration: 5-7 p.m. at Muhammad's Study Group, 2678 21st St. Call 205-826-8762 or 205-826-2088. TUESDAY COMMUNITY 5114
December 27th, 2009
Airline attack suspect claims ties to Yemen, al-Qaida - By Eric Schmitt and Eric Lipton N.Y. Times News Service

The 23-year-old Nigerian man who was charged on Saturday with trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas told investigators he had obtained explosive chemicals from a bomb expert in Yemen associated with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, a law enforcement official said. 5113
December 27th, 2009
SOUTHERN LIGHTS: Is it possible to ‘unfriend' Facebook? -

In this season of giving and receiving, I have made a concerted effort to appreciate Facebook, the social networking Web site. I have failed miserably. Facebook is generally rated as the most used social network worldwide, beloved by millions. Personally, I can't see what all the fuss is about. 5112
December 27th, 2009
Clay deputy adjusting to reattached hand - By Tom Gordon The Birmingham News

With a crazy quilt of stitch marks and a protruding mound of flesh that used to be an index finger, Jason Freeman's right hand looks like a Frankenstein operation that went awry. 5111
December 27th, 2009
Pie shop used as venue to connect to Hale residents - By Tiffany Stanton Special to The Tuscaloosa News

Almost a dozen varieties of pie were available at Pie Lab's grand opening celebration in November. 5110
December 27th, 2009
Local retailers see fewer gifts returned this year - By Ashley Boyd Staff Writer

Local retailers opened their doors early Saturday for after-Christmas sales, but some observers said fewer shoppers seemed to be taking advantage of the discounts. 5109
December 27th, 2009
U.S. sees first case of highly drug-resistant tuberculosis - By Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza The Associated Press

It started with a cough, an autumn hack that refused to go away. 5108
December 27th, 2009
Author relates Wright brothers' time in Alabama - By Dana Beyerle Montgomery Bureau Chief

Alabama is poised to claim a little bit of aviation history. 5107
December 27th, 2009
Tuscaloosa News earns award for online coverage. - The Associated Press

The Associated Press Sports Editors is honoring 40 newspapers' sports Web sites as the organization adds a new online category. 5106
December 27th, 2009
Here are tips for getting to the game, along with some places to check out in L.A. - By Brett Bralley Special to The Tuscaloosa News

Fans following the Tide to Pasadena for the BCS Championship Game will have a multitude of options for entertainment and food during their visit. 5105
December 27th, 2009
Florida's Meyer resigns amid health concerns - Mark Long, The Associated Press

Florida coach Urban Meyer, who was admitted to a hospital because of chest pains following the Southeastern Conference championship game, is stepping down because of health concerns. 5104
December 26th, 2009
Pilot of plane that crashed in Ala. identified -

Officials have identified the pilot who crashed his small plane in the Talladega National Forest in northeastern Alabama as 21-year-old John Lawrence Gilbert Jr. 5103
December 26th, 2009
Sparse shelves greet post-Christmas deal hunters - ASHLEY M. HEHER, AP Retail Writer

Shoppers headed to America's malls Saturday, many with gift cards in hand, hoping to snag after-Christmas discounts. They were greeted with big markdowns — in some cases topping 75 percent off — but often found limited selection. 5102
December 26th, 2009
Ambulance service helps bring families together for Christmas - By Jason Morton Staff Writer

For the past five years, Carl Neel has been spending his holidays in a house on Seventh Street. 5101
December 26th, 2009
Eight hurt in head-on collision in Pinson -

PINSON | Eight people have been taken to Birmingham hospitals after a head-on collision in Pinson. The Birmingham News reported that several of those hurt in the Thursday afternoon wreck had potentially life-threatening injuries. One patient was taken to UAB Hospital by LifeSaver helicopter. 5100
December 26th, 2009
High winds, rain take down trees, power lines -

HUNTSVILLE | High winds that blew through the state downed several trees and power lines in the Huntsville area. The National Weather Service in Huntsville said high wind warnings remained in effect through 2 a.m. Christmas morning. 5099
December 26th, 2009
Mobile, Baldwin to get federal aid for Ida cleanup -

MONTGOMERY | Two coastal Alabama counties have been approved for federal disaster assistance to help with cleanup from Tropical Storm Ida. 5098
December 26th, 2009
One dead after plane crash in Talladega forest -

HEFLIN | Officials say a small plane crashed in northeastern Alabama in the Talladega National Forest, killing one person aboard, whose name was not released. 5097
December 26th, 2009
Wreck injures two, blocks Crescent Ridge Road -

TUSCALOOSA | A portion of Crescent Ridge Road was blocked for several hours on Christmas Day after a two-vehicle crash snapped a utility pole. Tuscaloosa police blocked north- and southbound traffic after the 11:05 a.m. wreck. Alabama State Troopers said 5096
December 26th, 2009
Jefferson County cuts predicted if economy doesn’t improve - The Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM | Jefferson County faces 5 percent across-the-board cuts if the economy doesn’t improve, the county’s interim finance director said. Interim finance director Travis Hulsey said there may be employee layoffs and service cuts. 5095
December 26th, 2009
UA music therapy students work with hospice patients - By Lydia Seabol Avant Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA | Playing music for someone dying is not something University of Alabama senior Sarah Pitts ever thought she would do. 5094
December 26th, 2009
Sanders rethinks leaving Senate - By Jason Morton Staff Writer

When Northport Police Chief Robert W. Green announced this summer that he was seeking election to the Alabama Senate, it was with the understanding that he would face no incumbent. That situation, however, could change. 5093
December 26th, 2009
Potential gift-card slump worries retailers - By Anne D’Innocenzio The Associated Press

NEW YORK | As merchants look to this weekend and the rest of the Christmas aftermath, they’re counting on droves of gift card-toting customers to return to malls. But those numbers may be smaller as the industry braces for what some analysts believe will be a second consecutive holiday season of declines in gift card sales. 5092
December 26th, 2009
Salvation Army major killed in front of kids -

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. | A Salvation Army worker was shot and killed Christmas Eve in front of his three young children during an attempted robbery outside the charity’s community center in North Little Rock, a Salvation Army official said Friday. 5091
December 26th, 2009
Passengers foil terror act on Delta plane - By Zlati Meyer and Naomi R. Patton Detroit Free Press

DETROIT | A man suspected of planning to blow up a Delta Air Lines flight in Detroit could face charges as soon as today, according to an official familiar with the case. The suspect is a Nigerian national who claims to have ties to al-Qaida. It was unclear Friday why the man wanted to attack the flight arriving from Amsterdam. 5090
December 26th, 2009
Rise in unemployment compensation tax could hurt job creation - By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

Timing is everything. For the state of Alabama, it's time to raise more money for the state's rapidly depleting unemployment compensation fund. That means employers will pay a lot more in unemployment compensation taxes starting Jan. 1. 5089
December 26th, 2009
2009 was a year of contrasts in West Alabama - Staff report

While the University of Alabama hit a high in both football achievement and student enrollment, West Alabama contended with bad economic news that forced municipalities and school systems scrambling to accommodate slashed budgets and proration. 5088
December 26th, 2009
CALENDAR: Around Town -

SATURDAY ARTS Jeff Dunham concert: 8 p.m. at the Birmingham- Jefferson Convention Complex, 2100 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N., Birmingham. Tickets are $50. Visit www.bjcc.org. COMMUNITY Third annual Kwanzaa Day celebration: 5087
December 25th, 2009
Backyard whiskey still found in Etowah County -

WALNUT GROVE | Etowah County officials said firefighters and police responding to a fire at a mobile home found a whiskey still in the backyard. 5086
December 25th, 2009
Jefferson County ordered to refund millions -

BIRMINGHAM | A judge has ruled that workers and businesses in Jefferson County should split more than $50 million in refunds and interest on occupational taxes and business license fees. The county collected the money between Jan. 12 and Aug. 14. The Birmingham News said the ruling on Wednesday by Circuit Judge 5085
December 25th, 2009
Ala. congressmen want bowl blackout averted -

MOBILE | Three members of Congress from Alabama want the Federal Communications Commission to prevent a cable TV blackout that could keep some of their constitutents from seeing the Jan. 7 national championship football game between Alabama and Texas. 5084
December 25th, 2009
Light shows draw throngs to Birmingham homes - By Lisa Osburn The Birmingham News

BIRMINGHAM | As a child of the ’80s, Stephen Ellis loved looking at Christmas decorations — really loved it. 5083
December 25th, 2009
Tradition marks holiday memories - By Amelia Webber Special to The Tuscaloosa News

Each holiday season brings new toys and gadgets, but some local folks say the Christmas traditions of the past are what they treasure the most. Jenny Albright, 18, said she remembers the way her father helped her and her brother count down the days until Christmas. 5082
December 25th, 2009
Father and son reunited in Brazil - By Bradley Brooks, The Associated Press

RIO DE JANEIRO | A 9-year-old boy at the center of a five-year custody battle on two continents was finally turned over to his American father Thursday in a scene as tumultuous as the legal fight itself, with the youngster forced to squeeze though a jostling crowd of reporters and photographers. 5081
December 25th, 2009
Rose Bowl parade float features Tide tribute - By Ashley Boyd, Staff Writer

The 121st Tournament of Roses parade Jan. 1 in Pasadena will have something extra for Crimson Tide fans: a football float that honors a victory for the University of Alabama. Bayer Advanced's "We Are the Champions" float will pay tribute to historic Rose Bowl games, including Alabama's 1931 Rose Bowl win over Washington State. 5080
December 25th, 2009
Shoppers crowd stores on Christmas Eve - By Jamon Smith Staff Writer

Hundreds of people swarmed University Mall on Thursday, the last shopping day before Christmas. 5079
December 25th, 2009
Around Town: December 24 -

SATURDAY ARTS Jeff Dunham concert: 8 p.m. at the Birmingham- Jefferson Convention Complex, 2100 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N., Birmingham. Tickets are $50. Visit www.bjcc.org. COMMUNITY 5078
December 24th, 2009
A do-it-yourself church - By Jamon Smith, Staff Writer

Five and a half years ago, the Church at Tuscaloosa was built on Watermelon Road. The building is large, more than capable of accommodating the 1,000 members who now call the church their own. 5077
December 24th, 2009
Senate OKs health care measure, reaching milestone - Erica Werner, The Associated Press\

Senate Democrats passed a landmark health care bill in a climactic Christmas Eve vote that could define President Barack Obama's legacy and usher in near-universal medical coverage for the first time in the country's history. 5076
December 24th, 2009
One of two suspects arrested in school burglary -

TUSCALOOSA | One of two suspects has been arrested in connection with a Dec. 20 burglary at Tuscaloosa County High School, according to a news release. 5075
December 24th, 2009
Culver Road man charged with rape of woman, 49 -

TUSCALOOSA | Investigators charged a man with rape after a victim sought treatment at Northport DCH on Tuesday night. 5074
December 24th, 2009
Nominees sought for 2010 Pillars class -

The board of directors for the Community Foundation of West Alabama is soliciting nominations for the 2010 class of Pillars of West Alabama. The Pillars program honors people who have made a significant difference in the development and quality of life in West Alabama. The program has recognized 81 people since it began in 2004. 5073
December 24th, 2009
Judge dismisses suit over contract - By Bob Johnson The Associated Press

MONTGOMERY | A judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by legislators trying to block a $13 million unbid computer contract signed by Republican Gov. Bob Riley. 5072
December 24th, 2009
Shopping center to gain two tenants - By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

Two businesses will open early next year at Englewood Village Shopping Center on Alabama Highway 69 South. Rachel’z Burger Shak, a family owned restaurant specializing in fresh-made hamburgers and chicken wings, is relocating from Northport and will open at Englewood around Feb. 1, said owner Anthony Foster. 5071
December 24th, 2009
15-acre site to house military reserve center - By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

The U.S. Department of Defense has bought a 15.22-acre tract of undeveloped land on Alabama Highway 69 South for a new Armed Forces Reserve Center. The land, purchased last week, is just south of the Shell filling station in the Englewood Village Shopping Center near Shelton State Community College. 5070
December 24th, 2009
Alabama roads expected to be thick with traffic - By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

More people in Alabama are expected to hit the roads during the holidays. “I think what we see for Alabama and the Southeast is that it will be one of the busiest parts of the U.S. for travel,” said Clay Ingram, spokesman for AAA Alabama, a motor club that issues holiday travel forecasts. 5069
December 24th, 2009
Ultimate gift: suite for 14 at BCS championship game - By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

You waited until today to do your Christmas shopping. Now, you have to find the ultimate gifts for 14 family members and close friends, and none of them is easy to buy for. Here’s an idea. 5068
December 24th, 2009
Winter storm slows holiday travelers across nation - By Josh Funk The Associated Press

Holiday travelers battled slick, icy roads and flight cancellations and delays on Wednesday as a major winter storm began to spread across much of the nation’s midsection — and the worst of the weather was still expected to come. 5067
December 24th, 2009
New military reserve center planned on Highway 69 - By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

The military plans to build a 60,000-square-foot main building and a 13,000-square-foot vehicle maintenance shop at the site and will invest about $13 million in the project. 5066
December 23rd, 2009
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