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Graphic LCD Module factoryEWREWR

Posted: 2018-05-03 21:09:36
Price: $324354
Seller's Name: momu154
Contact Info: momu142@126.com
Description: Dot matrix graphic LCD module
ADM12864G is small dot matrix graphic LCD module with KS0108B controller , 5V,parallel interface, STN/FSTN LCD, LED backlight and wide viewing angle.
Description of Dot matrix graphic LCD module ADM12864G
Dot matrix graphic LCD module ADM12864G can display 128*64 dots size LCD panel using a 128*64 bit-mapped Display Data RAM (DDRAM). It interfaces with an 8-bit microprocessor.
It can be used in embedded systems,industrial device,security,medical and hand-held equipment.
• Display format: 128*64 dots matrix graphic
• Easy interface with 8-bit MPU
• Low power consumption
• LED back-light
• Driving method: 1/64 duty, 1/6.7 bias
• LCD driver IC: KS0108B、KS0107B
• Connector: Zebra
2.Mechanical Specifications
Item Dimension Unit
Viewing Area (W*H)62.0*44.0mm
Number of Dots
Dot Size (W*H)0.40*0.56mm
Dot Pitch (W*H)0.44*0.60mm
Module Size With B/L93.0*70.0*15.0mm
3. Absolute Maximum Ratings
Item Symbol Min Max Unit
Power VoltageVDD -VSS05.5V
Input VoltageVIVSSVDD
Operating Temperature RangeVOP0+50℃
Storage Temperature RangeTST-10+60
4.Mechanical diagram
5.Description Of Terminals
Pin No. Pin Name Input/Output Function
3V0—Adjustable resistor terminal With VEE pin to adjust LCD contrast.
4RSInputRegister selection RS Description
H The data in DB [7:0] is display data.
L The data in DB [7:0] is control data
5R/WInputRead or Write
RW Description
H Data appears at DB[7:0] and can be read by the CPU
L Display data DB[7:0] can be written at falling edge of E
6EInputEnable signal E Description
H Read data in DB[7:0] appears while E= “High”.
L Display data DB[7:0] is latched at falling edge of E.
7~14DB0~7I/oData bus [0~7] Bi-directional data bus
15CS1InputChip selection When CS1=H, CS2=L, select IC1
16RSTInputReset signal. When RSTB=L
1.ON/OFF register becomes set by 0.(display off)
2.Display start line register becomes set by 0 (Z-address 0 set, display from line 0)
After releasing reset, this condition can be changed only by Instruction.
18CS2InputChip selection When CS1=L, CS2=H, select IC2

FAQ for transflective LCD module
1: What is transflective LCD module ?
Answer:The transflective polarizer is a mixture of reflective and transmissive. It provides the ability to read the LCD with or without the backlight on. It will work for all lighting conditions from dark with backlight to direct sunlight which makes it the most common choice.
2: What are your main products ?
Answer: Our main products are COB module, COG module, TFT module, LCD panel, LED and Touch panel.
3: Where is you company located ?
Answer: Our company is located in Xiamen, the southeast of China.
4: What can 128x64 dots display ?
Answer: 128 dots wide & 64 dots high display is an industry standard that can display images or any size letter or number necessary.Graphic LCD Module factory


Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad


Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad


Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad


Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad

discount Swimming Pool Disinfection Equipments

Posted: 2018-07-23 01:32:23
Price: $444
Seller's Name: 44
Contact Info: 444
Description: Ultraviolet Sterilizer
1.UV Lamp tube
2.High transparency quartz socket tube
3.Electronic ballast
4.304/316 stainless steel reactor
5.Control box
6.Maunal clean/Auto clean(optional)
1. Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Our factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Showroom is in Guangzhou.
2. Q: Do you have MOQ requirement?
A: 1set
3. Q: May I know your Lead time?
A: It depends on your order quantity.1x20ft for 15 days; 1x40ft for 20 days.
4. Q: Which Port will our goods be loaded?
A: Guangzhou, Shenzhen or on your request.
5. Q: Can I use my own forwarder to transport the products for me?
A: Yes, if you have your own forwarder in Guangzhou, you can let your forwarder ship the products for you.

If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us as below:
TEL: 008613982024270
Whatapp: +8613982024270
Skype: solar.zhen
Email: jocelyn@daremay.com
Wechat: 13982024270discount Swimming Pool Disinfection Equipments

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