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Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad

Long Needle Lapel Pin factory

Posted: 2019-03-24 20:58:19
Price: $12363
Seller's Name: wsxc12567
Contact Info: wsxc12567
Description: Lapel pin introduction:
Long needle lapel pin as best symbol of identity,makes you outstanding on the crowed.
This lapel pin with company logo design in 3D finishing,no colors fill, pure and elegant.
With long needle which is easy to wear and put it down.

Product specs:
Item number:#AWS-LP-4
Medal type:Lapel pin for suit
Wear:On suit
Lapel pin size:1”
Design:Custom logo
Attachment:Long needle
Lead time12 days

Contact us to check more design of lapel pins.Long Needle Lapel Pin factory


Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad


Tuscaloosa ClassifiedsPost Your Own Ad

China ATV Bearing factory

Posted: 2019-04-12 05:18:53
Price: $55
Seller's Name: hdkdh1d
Contact Info: hdkdh1d@163.com
Description: Our History
BOYO BEARING CO.,LTD is a manufacturer and trading company of ball bearing and wheel bearing solutions. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing a variety of precision, topquality ball bearings for electric motors, automobiles, household appliances, power tools, pumps, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, machines etc.

The BOYO Bearing, using its expertise in precision machining technology, refined through years of bearing manufacturing, is one of the leading bearing manufacturers in the China. The company has two fully-owned bearing plants, occupying 60,000 square meters and over 100 experienced workers and more than 50 professional engineers, which has been the continuous source of its development.

We have the long history of experience serving and supporting large international companies,we have the capability of analyze and understand our customers’ needs. BOYO provide the most professional product solution.
Our Factory
Product Application
Production Equipment
Our service
● Guarantees/warranties/Terms and conditions
We gurantee reliable and continuous quality and punctual delivery of our products, in compliance with ISO9001:2000 and TS16949:2002 certified quality management guidelines.
● Export/Import Processing Support
1. New product development
2.Technical support
3.Prompt quotations
4.Strict quality inspection
5.Insurance if requested
6.Shipping by air or sea
7.Preparation for import/export documents
8.Other support as needed
● After Sales Service
We follow up on our customers’ feedback and suggestions after every delivery and we make every effort to solve their problems in order to ensure their total satisfaction.China ATV Bearing factory


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