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Although you can find a nice listing of food related businesses in Tuscaloosa on this site, we actually recommend another site.



Click Tuscaloosa Restaurants for more complete listings of restaurants with their menus, maps, reviews, voting and more.


We will however give you a brief overview of Tuscaloosa Cuisine. Here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama the most sought after cuizine is BBQ and the most famous restaurant here is the original Dreamland. It is located on the south side of town. To get there, go down McFarland Blvd past Skyland Blvd. There'll be a road to the left before you go under the little bridge. Wind down that road for maybe less than a mile and look for the big sign down a road on the right behind a church. There you'll find a little old restaurant called Dreamland BBQ. There are other BBQ places here in town such as Bottomfeeders, Archibald's, Full Moon, Woodrow's, Mike and Ed's, and The Pottery Grill. This is by no means an all-inclusive list but does give you a good place to start.

Ok, we've covered the barbecue, now what else do we have. The latest and greatest thing in Tuscaloosa is the sushi. Now you can get your favorite raw aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates at Hokkaido, Chuck's Fish, Tokyo and perhaps Benkai and Bento as well...there may be others. It's always nice to have an alternative from the usual.

The fine dining scene in Tuscaloosa is comprised of a choice handful of well rounded examples. We recommend Epiphany Cafe, Evangeline's, Kozy's, and Milagros when it needs to be special. We've had enough experience with each of these restaurants to say with good authority that they will not disappoint.

Now just for the experience, we recommend going on the Bama Belle Riverboat. This is almost a defining characteristic of Tuscaloosa. It docks on the downtown side of the Hwy 69 bridge. There's a nice park and walking trail right there too. There really is nothing like moving through the scenery while enjoying your meal.

We'd be a bit remiss if we didn't mention Taco Casa. For those times when you want to get fast food without going to a burger joint, there's Taco Casa. Like the commercials, 'It's under the biggest cactus in town' and is easy to find. They've been put in high traffic areas and have a big cactus in front.

Alas we arrive at the tailgate. It's almost like a restaurant in itself. Go to the Quad on a gameday and just walk through. If you strike up a conversation with almost anyone, you'll be offered some tailgate food. Everything from smoked butts to all of the fixin's, the almighty tailgate has it.


We hope this gets you started with your foray into the Tuscaloosa restaurant scene. As for us, we're still asking each other "So what do you want for dinner tonight?".

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