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Tuscaloosa Events Calendar

Things to do in Tuscaloosa

There are a multitude of things to do in Tuscaloosa. Everything from the arts to the outdoors to the sports and recreation we all love.

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Tuscaloosa History and Heritage
History & Heritage
Find out the truth behind Tuscaloosa's beginning. Tuscaloosa's past revealed
Tuscaloosa Restaurants
Restaurants & Cuisine
View the best online restaurant guide for Tuscaloosa. Read and write reviews, vote for your favorite, menus...
Tuscaloosa Music
Tuscaloosa has a rich history of music from back when Sublime played at the Chukker to today's stuff.
Tuscaloosa Festivals
We don't have as many get-togethers as we should, but we sure know how to have a good time.
Tuscaloosa Museums and Arts
Museums & The Arts
Tuscaloosa presents a wide variety of excellent museums and live entertainment.
Tuscaloosa Attractions
Come and see one of a kind attractions in Tuscaloosa. Unique to Tuscaloosa and neat for you.
Tuscaloosa Tours
Find out where to go to see what. Let the city welcome you with wide arms.
Tuscaloosa Shopping
You want it, you can get it. Shop Tuscaloosa for all of the finer things in life.
Tuscaloosa Nightlife
Tuscaloosa has everything from college bars to upscale adult entertainment. Make the night yours.
Tuscaloosa Architecture
What are all of these old mansions and big ancient edifices scattered throughout the Tuscaloosa area?
Tuscaloosa Sports and Recreation
Sports and Recreation
College football rules the landscape. However, did you know that there is more than just one team in town?
Downtown Tuscaloosa
What did it look like a long time ago? What is it going to look like in the future? Find out here
The Quad in Tuscaloosa
The Quad
Make your plans for your day at the Quad. Fire up the grill and get your favorite cold drink.
Tuscaloosa Holidays
Holiday Fun
Make this one the best one yet. Tuscaloosa has family friendly things going on all the time.
Romantic Tuscaloosa
Romantic Tuscaloosa
Fall in love, maybe all over again. Find the most romantic spots in Tuscaloosa for you and yours.
Tuscaloosa Family
Tuscaloosa has fun family-oriented activities for the whole group. From the great outdoors to the inside.
Tuscaloosa Culture
Find interesting facts about Tuscaloosa's demographics. It takes all kinds of people to make us one.
Tuscaloosa Volunteers
Do some good for the world. Even though Tuscaloosa is a great place, there is more that we can do.
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