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Tuscaloosa Greater Downtown Plan

Greater Downtown Tuscaloosa provides a wealth of opportunities for commerce, governmental functions, entertainment, cultural arts and heritage, residential diversity, tourism venues, easy access to a nationally-recognized educational institution, all within proximity to the beautiful backdrop of the Black Warrior riverfront. But there is much more to be achieved and nurtured, and this is the purpose of the Greater Downtown Tuscaloosa Plan.
The Plan identifies sections of the Greater Downtown that will experience new development and revitalization, and establishes an overall direction for guiding development and revitalization activities. The Plan serves as a unifying catalyst for the transformation of the Greater Downtown into a vibrant and attractive, economically viable and people-friendly urban center.

The Greater Downtown Plan provides a vision for the future and a rational framework to guide private investments and public policy decisions related to Downtown projects and improvements. It is designed to meet the visual needs of the Downtown, preserve historic resources, improve parking, address pedestrian and vehicular circulation, upgrade infrastructure, promote excellence in physical design, assure compatible land development and create a structure for management and promotional activities for a Main Street Tuscaloosa.

The Greater Downtown Tuscaloosa Plan is an outgrowth of the Downtown Urban Renewal / Redevelopment Study completed by Cooper Consulting Company, Inc., in 2005. That study identified blighting conditions in a 16-block area of Downtown Tuscaloosa. This resulted in the Tuscaloosa City Council passing a resolution declaring the area blighted, creating an urban renewal / redevelopment area in accord with state law and adopting an Urban Renewal / Redevelopment Plan. During the process of adopting the Urban Renewal Plan it became apparent that a comprehensive planning effort was needed to correct existing problems and guide future development in all of Greater Downtown Tuscaloosa.

Whether planned or unplanned, substantial improvements will be required to meet future development needs within the Greater Downtown. If based on a Plan, these improvements can be made more efficiently, can achieve maximum benefit and can significantly increase the Downtown‘s future potential.
The Greater Downtown Tuscaloosa Plan sets forth realistic proposals which can be achieved to effectively guide the future of Tuscaloosa‘s Downtown Core.

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